Faraz – Luna

Faraz has been bubbling under most of dance musics radars. Hailing from Stockholm, Faraz is an ant compared to some of his Swedish peers in dance music such as Axwell, Avicii, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. But that doesn’t mean his music can’t pack an equally impressive punch.

With a portfolio nearing 2 years, the 7 tracks Faraz has put his name to reflect a diverse range of sub-genres from the electronic scene. Best known for his renowned remix of Albin and Kristin Amparo’s “Din Soldat“, the young Swedish producer has amassed nearly 100,000 plays. And with his original work on “Aura” also heaping praise from some of the industry’s iconic names such as Chris Avantgarde, East FM / Hugo Kalm, Marcus Schössow and the ever-reashing Michael Brun, we’re certainly not the only ones taking notice. Also touched with a golden heart, Faraz is more than willing to let people using his music for free, reflecting a more pure motive than many young members of the scene carry with them today.

Acting as his 8th edition to his discography, “Luna” is arguably is most eclectic and repeatable track to date – And that is saying something! At 3 minutes and 21 seconds long the track takes form under the short format of Progressive House. Symphonic chords tease through the opening few seconds as an amalgamation of melodic layers and tinged FX burst into the sound waves. Rhythmic and pulsating, the rapid fire melody brings with it an air of ultra-light, and infectious power to the atmosphere. With the effect of losing yourself to time, Faraz manages to captures a special mood while balancing the fine line between the unheard and much adored.

“Luna” is now available on Spotify.

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