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Feed Me unveils 8 new track previews on Instagram to mark an impressively triumphant return

Feed Me, more formally known as Jon Gooch, has experienced a massive five year period since 2011. Sourcing from his production work on ‘Big Adventure’, where he fused Electro House and Dubstep into a morphed structure, the teeming success off the back of it has been significant to say the least. However, his extensive time in the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene as Spor helped lay a foundation of experience and studio production skill for the new alias.

Using his little green monster as the symbol of the work, the new sound at the time helped unveil a new path of sound for electronic dance music producers. While it has been 5 long years since the moment that change the dance music composition, Feed Me’s latest activity on Instagram has fans in a flurry of excitement.

Dynamic in sound, of course, Feed Me has seemingly combined, molds, and merges the sub-genre’s of Dubstep, Electro House, House, Moombah, Trap, and his staple Drum ‘n’ Bass. Drawing anticipation and curiosity at what the full length track may entail, it is set to be a busy back half of the year for the British icon of hard hitting sound.

While speculation will continue as to if they are included as stand-alone tracks, EP’s or even a possible LP, the London-based DJ/Producer certainly hasn’t just been working on his label Sotto Voce.

Check out the 8 previews below!

8 tracks ready to gooooo

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