Kygo and Martin Garrix dominated Social Media Platforms last year

The annual International Music Summit (IMS) took place last week in Ibiza and as always brought together the electronic music industry in the clubbing capital of the world. Aside from giving industry leaders the opportunity to network, the summit included some thought-provoking insights into what the past year had in store for electronic music. During the course of IMS, an annual study of the industry was presented with some intriguing insights in relation to many elements, one of which is the success of artists’ social media strategies.

It’s no secret that social media platforms are one of the most significant ways DJ’s and Producers reach out to their fanbase and as a result experience an increase in popularity. Facebook and Twitter allow fans to be informed about the careers and private lives of their favorite artists while other platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube allow artists to easily present their music to their fanbase.

The IMS Business Report included an abundance of information including social media trends and social media growth in the period between May 2015 and May 2016. The below chart includes the riveting figures with an emphasis on Soundcloud followers increasing by 35% as well as certain artists experiencing an exponential growth on their social media platforms. Calvin Harris had a significant increase in his Youtube subscribers while Martin Garrix and Zedd had a symbolic increase all across board. One of the stand-outs from the pack is definitely the talented Australian newcomer Flume who experienced an increase between 68% and 105% across all social media platforms. The artist with the most amount of growth in their social media following as evidenced by the below chart is undoubtedly the tropical house superstar Kygo.


Kygo experienced the biggest growth across all social media platforms with a massive 259% increase in Facebook followers, sizable 737% increase in Twitter followers, 111% increase in Soundcloud followers and an unbelievable 1574% increase in Youtube subscribers.  Upon closer inspection of Kygo’s social media the figures are staggering: Kygo has added 2.6 million fans across all platforms in the last 12 months with 1,000 new Youtube subscribers every day and a total video view count rising to an incredible 126 million.


Kygo also dominated the streaming platform Spotify as the talented young star was awarded the prestigious ‘Breakout Artist of 2015’ award by Spotify for being the fastest artist to reach 1 billion streams in just one year.


It has certainly been an eventful 12 months for Kygo as evidenced by the above figures. With the recent success of his new album Cloud Nine, massive world tour and many other projects, it’s safe to say that this was certainly Kygo’s year.

Check out the eye-opening IMS Business Report 2016 for more insights into how the electronic music industry performed last year and a short video of the presentation of the report at this year’s IMS:



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