Martin Garrix’s Area 21 project set to release new track on his own STMPD imprint tomorrow

Martin Garrix played a lot of ID’s at his headlining Main Stage set as Ultra Music Festival Miami. And while many progressive, electro and cross-over track’s caught our attention, it was the direction of a couple of tunes that turned our heads. More specifically, the trap one’s.

With his latest alias, AREA21, now seemingly responsible for the sound, the mystery as to who the other half of the little-known duo is, remains under wraps. Although, with their next release primed and set to be dropped this upcoming Friday, there’s going to be a little more evidence as to the identities behind the act.

Having released “Spaceships” on Trap Nation’s YouTube channel in March, the flavour and sound of this one has had no hints towards its nature. But based on reputation only, it should be something bookmark worthy. Evidently Garrix’s more experimental and harder edge, his exploration into other dance music subgenres is predicted to bring fruits of his studio production labour than failure.

Based off the artwork, the track “Girls” looks to continue on from the duo’s debut sound.


Martin Garrix also teased his future collaboration with Third Party is set to be unveiled in just over a week, fueling only excitement, curiosity and anticipation for what his newly founded label and updated portfolio have to offer.


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