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It's always refreshing to find

Mavve & Sasko – Fight For You (feat. Maria Marcus)

Home Uncategorized Mavve & Sasko – Fight For You (feat. Maria Marcus)

It’s always refreshing to find an undiscovered talent – someone who can match the skills of the world’s biggest artists but yet don’t get the exposure they deserve. Mavve & Sasko are a prime example, and these two Swede’s are following in the footsteps of many of their fellow countrymen by producing another golden progressive house track to add to Sweden’s catalogue of musical talent. Filled with energy and euphoria, ‘Fight For You‘ is the perfect follow up to the duo’s impressive debut single ‘The Lights‘, and the track is available now through Sony/Linc Music.

The track itself is atmospheric and emotional to begin with, as Maria Marcus‘ beautiful vocals combine with soft piano chords, guitar rifts and drums. Wasting little time to develop into the melodic progression, Swedish house music star dust is once again scattered over the song as the lead melody begins to take shape and we arrive at the uplifting drop. Packing a serious progressive punch, the track is sure to get any dancing moving with its pulsating beat and driving undertones building the high-octane energy. To make things even better, Mavve & Sasko have given the track away as a free download, with an extended mix also available for the DJs amongst us.

Stream the track in full and grab your free copy below.

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