Michael Calfan – Brothers

Michael Calfan’s return to stardom has been nothing short of spectacular since he dropped below the radar for a short while in previous years. Since the release of the summer anthem ‘Treasured Soul‘, Calfan has only gone from strength to strength, as the Frenchman continues on his roll of producing quality deep house anthems with his latest release ‘Brothers‘. The most impressive aspect of Calfan’s recent tracks has been the emotion and soul that they create to those who listen, and ‘Brothers’ is a prime example of this.

The track is atmospheric and intense at parts, featuring the Frenchman’s signature plucked basses and punchy kicks in the early stage, before the addition of soothing violin strings and Calfan’s classic piano arrive in the later stages. Combine all of these with the piercing chords and a hypnotic vocal loop, and we can see why the Frenchman has become one of the most in-demand productions in the scene, continuing to producing hit after hit.

Brothers‘ is out now on Spinnin Records. Stream the track in full and download below.