Michael Phase – Banzai

Michael Phase has recently been catching the attention of numerous dance music fans from across the globe. After releasing his highly supported tracks “Kalypso” and “Time is Now”, the New York-based producer is keeping his hot streak alive with a brand new track called “Banzai“.

Premiered on the 265th episode of ‘Hardwell on Air’, this track immediately made its strides through the airwaves of one of the biggest radio shows in the business. Having already supported by one of the industry’s most renowned DJ’s, “Banzai” will undoubtedly dominate any upcoming festival in the next couple of months.

With its electrifying synths right from the get-go, this tune instantly gets the heart pumping and delivers an insurmountable amount of energy. After the insane buildup, the massive electro drop then commences and takes the track to an entirely new level. Featuring a devastating bassline and a powerful melody, the climax, or simply the overall track, is more than capable of vitalizing an entire crowd of any size.

“Banzai” is out now on HARD with STYLE Records and you can download a free copy here.