Pierce Fulton – Losing You

Pierce Fulton, the electro house and progressive DJ from Vermont drops his latest single. The new track ‘Losing You‘ incorporates a unique blend of sounds from other genres which makes Fulton a unique DJ, separate from the rest. He is also known for his song, ‘Kuaga – Lost Time’.

Fulton’s interest in music started at the young age of six.  He had quite the knack for learning instruments starting with guitar and working his way to piano, drums, and even trombone. Musically gifted and talented, he was trained in classic rock, blues, reggae and some metal. It is quite the different musical background than other DJ’s in the electronic scene. This different background has allowed him to be more open, and experimental in incorporating it into the music he now makes as a DJ.

‘Losing You’ is a funky track in which Fulton creatively mixes together different elements of music to create this track. Think of a live big band act in a bar, with elements in electronic music such as synthesizers, bass, and drops, and that’s what this track is. Under Proximity, this soulful, big-band sounding song makes it debut. This track features male vocals whose sound is deep, soulful and smooth. It doesn’t overpower the music but blends nicely. Right away, it starts with lyrics that are heard throughout the song and makes up the theme of this track.

“Losing You” is now available for purchase via Armada.

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