Premiere: Bad Royale – Immutible Timeline

The renowned “Time- traveling-turnt-team” Bad Royale are causing major industry buzz with their newest Mad Decent/ Good Enuff release, Immutible Timeline. Serving as the preceding album to Before Common Era, get ready to have this sound-gasm dropkick you into an absurd musical dimension which you may never return.

Lucky for us (and you), We Rave  You got first dibs at premiering the introductory track off this messy, yet finely combed record, “The Royale Anthem” (feat. Richie Loop). Standing tall as a focal point to five songs which show zero sign of genre continuum, the four minute joyride crams in zealous turnovers, pristine production work, and not to mention Richie Loop’s undeniable vocals. Introducing a new, dare we say matured sound, “The Royale Anthem” executes high energy bass intertwined with a rage your face off core promised to get even Grandma up and ready to break a leg (metaphorically of course).

The track and EP in their entirety paint a dominating and overall badass Caribbean vibed aura ensured to dominate 2016’s festival circuit and beyond.

Listen to “The Royale Anthem” and the rest of the EP below and make sure to check out the kings upcoming tour stops; cough cough, Chicago’s legendary Lollapalooza.

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