Premiere: Fedde Le Grand – Keep On Believing (Raiden Remix)

If there is one thing about Ultra’s editions of festivals it is that it provides a full-fledged opportunity for young talents to take the first steps towards a successful career in the industry. Artists such as 3LAU and Dyro will always be around to back that fact up. Another such artist who is on the rise due to his performances at Ultra outlets is Seoul based Producer and DJ Raiden. Recognizing the talent within, the bloke from South Korea has been a major look-out performance at each of the Ultra stages, be it in Miami, Japan or Korea itself. And to most people’s surprise, that is not where the story ends. His upcoming track ‘Heart of Steel,‘ along with the captivating Bright Lights on vocal duties, became a feature song in the Ultra Korea Aftermovie. Though its not at the center of the talk in this premiere, that track is set to be a sure-shot chart topper.

So, as far as career goes, there is no better way for an artist to make a name across the industry and among fans than to combine so actively with the Ultra franchise and become representative of each others success. In the midst of making it big with Ultra, ‘Korea’s favorite son’ has taken time out to go for tours and not deter from production duties either. And one such addition to his drawer is his upcoming remix of Fedde Le Grand’s track ‘Keep On Believing‘.

While the original remains a charming vocal assisted version of Fedde’s 2014 release ‘Don’t Give Up,‘ the twist and turns that Raiden offers through his mastery on the production desk completely flips the single into an prominent release with a move evolved sound structure. Applying the Electric to the already eclectic, Raiden takes no prisoners with this and while allowing space for Fedde’s original melody, he doesn’t let go of the opportunity to showcase why talks of his talent is going around in the industry’s top order. Funky, refreshing and seamlessly blending with the vocals from the original this release will assure that Raiden is sure to rise as one of the production powerhouses from all of Asia.

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