Premiere: J Sucry – Sunshine

Sometimes there are tracks that instantly strike a chord with you as soon as you hear them. There are those tracks that you know you will always have a connection to, and will always act as a backdrop to some memorable moments in your life. Records that are unique, full of heart and very, very special. What has to be one of the best melodic house tracks released this year, “Sunshine” by J Sucry is one of those tracks.

The 26 year old Dutch talent is relatively unknown within the scene, but after finding the preview of this gem on Soundcloud with only a little over 8,000, we had to hear the full version and thankfully, we’re lucky enough to be able to premiere this release ourselves.

Featuring beautifully melancholic piano chords and a catchy, sublime vocal, this track is unique in the sense that it has a pop feel to it, while still remaining rooted within the melodic house genre. The pumping drums throughout ensure that this track can work both in the clubs and on the radio, and the use of the already mentioned excellent vocals and piano ensure that this keeps the soul upon which house music was built on.

Very much a breath of fresh air in electronic music, “Sunshine” sounds oh-so-smooth and is clearly a very emotive production – But at the same time feels uplifting which exhibits the beauty of this track. Without doubt a pure summer anthem, it acts as a rare and special record. And if J Sucry can continue to conjure phenomenal productions like this on, we’re sure he’ll be a massive star in the very near future!