Premiere: Jacky Greco drop electric video for hard-hitting new single “Crank it Up”

Following on from the release of the monstrous Silhouettes and Hit M’ Like This with John Christian, Italian/American producer Jacky Greco is back with the release of the brand new video for his latest electro smash “Crank it Up”. Greco is quickly becoming a very prolific producer in dance music and has gained a loyal following of fans all over the world after constantly putting out both amazing remixes for the likes of Major Lazer and Dada Life as well as some of the insane originals which we’ve already mentioned.

Greco’s latest is a rock solid mainstage anthem filled with pumping electro elements that can draw comparisons to acts such as Dyro and Hardwell. Featuring a monumental buildup that quickly descends into a hard-hitting energetic drop, this will no doubt cause absolute pandemonium on dance floors and at festivals wherever it’s played. The sound design and overall production values of the track are nothing short of spectacular and really show off Greco’s skill as one of the most highly skilled producer’s around.

The video itself is incredibly impressive, and tells the story of a bleak futuristic land in which dance music has been banned. It tells the tale of fighting for freedom in a world where it is very, very limited. Even more impressive is the fact that it was directed by 18 year old Alessandro Murdaca. Commenting on the track and video itself, Jacky Greco said “it is everything I had hoped it would be and more” and he goes on to say “It’s an amazing experience to see a song I really feel powerfully about transformed into such a mesmerizing video. Alessandro Murdaca is incredible.” Watching the video it’s clear to see a huge amount of work and skill has been put into this, much like the incredible track itself.

You can watch the video for “Crank it Up” below: