Skrillex & Justin Bieber heading for legal battle over copyright infringement issue

Casey Dienel, better know by her stage name White Hinderland, has recently filed legal action against music icons Justin Beiber and Skrillex. According to an article by TMZ, their hit record “Sorry” appears to have an uncanny resemblance to Dienel’s “Ring The Bell“; So much so, the Indie star previously threatened legal action back in December but was overlooked.

Dienel also claims aside from her vocals, “both songs feature keyboard synthesizers, samples, synth bass, drums, and percussion.”. When played back to back, there are obvious similarties between the two. Ring The Bell” has been success on it’s own receiving Rolling Stone support and a massed play index surpassing the 800,000 mark.

Financial compensation has been asked as well as complete removal of the track.

Compare the tracks below and let us know your opinion in the comments below.


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