Steve Angello

Steve Angello’s latest Twitter Q&A session is full of motivation, advice and memories

Yesterday, Steve Angello took things slow with his Twitter stream and opened up the space for some questions. And with so much upcoming due to his projects and other musical output, be it through Size or his personal output, questions flowed in quite smoothly, but were tackled in a similar flow by the former Swedish House Mafia member. Among things that are not summed up below, Angello confirmed that he is working on a Live Show and is still in line with his idea of shifting to Live Shows rather than DJing after 40.

Among heartfelt exchanges between him and fans regarding signed albums, motivation, tips for production, what shines through is that aura that Steve maintains around himself, even though its virtual albeit live interaction. What did make everyone sad was that there were 200 prospective collaborations between him and Prydz, but that’s down the drain. Oh, and he also had a Bucket list which he has already completed! What a guy.

Questions were many and most of them were interesting. So to spare you the trouble of sifting through his Twitter feed, we’ll just sum up the entire discussion on Twitter.

On when is the release date for that epic ID played together with Last Dance at TL Brasil, as reported here:

Replying to ‘Who was the DJ you looked up to most when you were first establishing yourself?’:

Putting an end to the vinyl debate from his end, Steve says:

In a broader sense, he talks of genres as below:

On his favorite music, from others and himself:

On working with vocalists:

With the golden answer to the often asked question of ‘any advice for beginners’:

When asked if he has ever felt like giving up, Angello replies in his typical didactic fashion:

Nobody answers these ‘where will you be in 10 years time’ questions better than Angello, as show here:

He makes songs for himself, just like Eric Prydz. Runs in the Swedes, does it?:

On the future of Dance Music:

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