White Zoo unveils 40-track ‘Zooperload’ album

White Zoo is one of Germany’s most versatile DJ/Producer’s. Hailing from Mannheim in the South West of the European nation, he is even finding time to currently study Music Production. And when you here he is dropping a 40 track album, your attention is definitely caught.

Already established with 47 tracks to his name on this SoundCloud account, White Zoo has proven his worth with a musical collection spanning from collaborations, originals, podcasts, remixes, EP’s and to even an album. Covering sub-genre’s such as Dupstep, Electro House, Drum and Bass, Melbourne Bounce and Progressive House, he has one of the most extensively diverse portfolio’s of any rising DJ/Producer.

Evidently reflected in his 40 track album…yes, you read that right, 40… the LP, or as we are referring to as the XL-LP, is titled ‘The Zooperload’. Having been active for approximately 3 years now, White Zoo is certainly at the intersection of continuing his current rate of growth, or making a bold statement to rapid ascend the popularity and awareness spheres. Clearly opting for the latter, White Zoo has quite literally turning heads and drawing attention for his latest creative phase.

Releasing the mammoth album on Amsterdam-based, TurnItUp Muzik, the Dutch label is no stranger to catering for the unexpected and distinctive aspects of the dance music scene.  Having among the Top 10 in Beatport charts over past few years, his production rate, and its quality still raises impressed eyebrows today.

Check out the mammoth album in the preview clip below and let us know your thoughts on this world-first release.

“The Zooperload” is now available on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify.

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