10 things we learned from Armin van Buuren’s interview on reddit

In a recent interview with reddit the king of Trance, Armin van Buuren answered some of your most compelling questions in an hour long interview before he was set to play at EDC Las Vegas for it’s 20th anniversary.  In this interview we learned about his passion for trance, why music is so important to life, his love for learning new things, seeing different cultures, and other EDM artists that he likes.

The full thread can be found here.  Here are the 10 most important things to take away from his in-depth interview.

1. He’s a fan of the class trance sound, and thoroughly enjoys making A State of Trance every week.  Armin stated however that he only likes to do a re-work of a song once and awhile.  He noted that the sound of trance has developed and come along way with many subgenres that weren’t around a few years ago.  He doesn’t want to focus on just one sound and have it sound like some of the classic trance songs from 10 years ago.  For him, trance is about the emotion.

“Big room will always be apart of trance but also Psy, uplifting, vocal, techtrance, etc.  For me most important is that a sound keeps developing.”

2. He is a fan of longer sets, such as doing the six hour ones in Ibiza.  Armin has never played the same set twice, and if he is sick of a song, he simply won’t play it.  Currently he has over 6,000 songs on his macbook to choose from.  It is okay Armin, we like that you’re a nerd.

3. There are a lot of unfinished tracks on his computer, but he is taking his time.  Still left questioning if there will be a collaboration between him and deadmau5, that remains to be seen.  An album from Gaia might be on the table soon, but he notes that it is not something to be taken lightly.  He also advises to make sure you take the time to fine tune a song.

4.  Armin’s a fan of Bassnectar, and complimented Will Atkinson’s song ‘Subconscious’ calling it stunning.  The majority of fans would have to agree with you on that one Armin.

5.  Armin has an Asian side.  It’s his favorite.  It’s a good thing that he likes ethnic food since he always touring.  His favorite part of touring is meeting new people and seeing different cultures.

“I mean seeing the world on the news is one thing, but it’s different to actually go and talk to people and understand why there is a difference between religions, cultures, etc.”

6. The key to making a great trance track is the combination of production and melodies.  He notes that many producers makes songs through their headphones only and don’t hear it on a big PA system.  But here is his advice:

“Please take the time make your track sound amazing!”

7. He’s in love with the new Yume album; Helios.  Although not unknown he’s been listening to it for a month straight.

8. Trance holds a special place in his heart. He loves the emotion behind trance.

9. Ever wonder if he uses Logic or Ableton to produce and make great songs?  Armin uses both.  According to him, they both have pros and cons to them.

10. Lastly, he is taken aback by how passionate people can be and how important music is to the world.

“It seems unimportant sometimes but to me, it’s one of the cornerstones of life. It’s what gives color to life.”

Keep doing your thing Armin, we all can’t wait to see what new tricks and surprises you have up your sleeve for the trance world.

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