Armin van Buuren throws his staff out of a moving plane in latest music video, “Freefall”

Armin van Buuren decided to ditch the conventional norms for creating a music video and has decided to get a little creative for his latest “Freefall” project with vocalist, BullySongs. The official music video is like no other, Armin takes his Armada Music label team for an interesting day out where staff members are taken sky-diving. The video begins with Armin barging in into his Armada & Cloud 9 office in Amsterdam where he rounds up his confused staff and informs them of what’s going to take place.

The record label team got to literally experience “Freefall” in North Holland for the making of the video. Freefall is a part of Armin’s latest album “Embrace” and it could certainly be one of the compilation’s best performers with a video like this.

Check out the video below and grab your copy here.