Avicii delivers a monumental performance at “Rock In Rio” as endearing fans bid the star farewell

Avicii will soon be a thing of the past when it comes to live performances and headlining main stages across the globe. Which makes every one of his upcoming sets even more intriguing and sentimental.

Closing the 2016 ‘Rock in Rio’ Lisbon ‘World Stage’ late on Sunday night, 47,000 endearing fans bidded the Swedish trend-setter farewell, helping culminate over five days of music from all genre’s. With over 300,000 attendee’s, the event is comfortably one of Portugal biggest. Providing a mighty 90 minute set, Avicii closed the 7th edition of the festival in emphatic, dance music style.

With the 26-year-old announcing his retirement from touring and performing earlier this year, each set acts a nostalgic memento of past and current tracks that will forever be distinctive in dance music’s timeline. Providing light beams, smoke, flames, spark streams and fireworks, the visual performance was one of a high caliber also.

Playing a number of his renowned songs like “Hey Brother” or “Wake Me Up”, the soon-to-be producer still left room for several external sounds, such as Diclosure’s “F For You” and even The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland”. Also including a multitude of fan-favourites such as “Lovers on the Sun” and “Reload”, he closed the mix with Skrillex’s remix of “Levels” to end on an illustrious and energetic high.

Concluding what was a festival that celebrated all musical styles and sounds, it seemed fitting that one of Avicii’s final performances was at such a setting. While not his finest set in terms of overall curation, his trend of blending genre’s and fusing the segregated sound spectrum fitted the scene suitably. Providing fans with not only some of his new flavours, but also a major dose of nostalgia, Avicii reign as one of the industry’s leading figure won’t be forgotten.

Check out some of the footage from the set below, and let us know your favourite set from Avicii!


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