Benny Benassi’s classic hit “Satisfaction” turns 14 years old today

Benny Benassi is considered by many people to be one of electronic music’s biggest legends. From his earlier work including “Able to Love” and “No Matter What You Do” to his more recent tracks such as “Neon Sunrise” with Laidback Luke and “Paradise” featuring Chris Brown, Benassi has evidently continued to produce top-notch content throughout his illustrious career.

Of course, how can we forget about the Italian producer’s most prominent hit “Satisfaction”? Over the years after its release, the club banger was able to sell hundreds of thousands of units worldwide and was one of the most commercially used tracks from the dance genre. Being one of the electronic music scene’s classic songs, “Satisfaction” turns 14 years old today and thus, we are celebrating its esteemed legacy within this industry.

With its addictive synths and groovy beat, this masterpiece inevitably makes any person dance and presents a compelling auditory experience from start to finish. In addition, the synthesized male and female vocals provide an extra boost and complete this heart-pumping and highly energetic track.

Relive this gem from Benny Benassi below: