Above & Beyond’s all time great, “Sun & Moon” is five years old today

Above & Beyond  have always been one of the biggest names in trance music. The legendary trio consisting of long time friends Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki continually put out top quality music and while their current tracks may not really fit in the trance genre, one of their greatest records, “Sun & Moon” is most certainly one of the biggest trance anthems ever produced.

Released on this day in 2011, there’s hardly a single dance music fan out there who doesn’t know this song, and even if they don’t, they will definitely be familiar with Richard Bedford’s timeless vocals. The legendary love-ballad lyrics have been a staple in many DJs set’s throughout the years, and will always usher in a few tears from those on the dance floor.

Of course, for anyone who has seen the trio live, they will know exactly the feeling of euphoria when those infamous synth stabs come in just before the drop, a chord progression so famous and hard-hitting it will be forever remembered as one of the greatest in dance music. A&B are famous for making a few members of the crowd cry at their gigs, and hearing an entire chorus of the fans in attendance at any show singing along to every word of this tune is a different experience entirely which is enough to put a tear in any fan’s eyes.

At any rate, there’s a good reason why Mixmag put this track as their 21st greatest dance record of all time back in 2013, and on it’s fifth anniversary, let’s celebrate one of the best trance songs ever recorded, “Sun And Moon” by Above & Beyond: