Darude’s classic “Sandstorm” gets an epic remix by a complete orchestra

With almost two decades of an increasingly impressive play index, Darude’sSandstorm” has earned him over 17 million hits and a surefire spot as one of EDM’s most theatrical records. Released earlier this week, Australia’s own Sydney Youth Orchestra has taken matters into their own hands and altered Darude’s track to orchestral levels.

A portion of their set entitled IGNITE, where musicians execute throwback club anthems, is going viral throughout EDM’s social media for it’s honest interpretation and overall impressive instrumental technique. The video showcases the group taking the club hit to new levels with visuals and a technicolor-ed lighting display.

Check the video below and get nostalgic with Darude’s “Sandstorm”- an industry staple that will remain at the top for many decades to come.


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