Headhunterz opens up about new career direction in emotional post following Defqon 1 performance

Taking to his social media pages yesterday, Dutch hardstyle legend Headhunterz opened up to his fans following his surprise guest appearance at Defqon 1 in the Netherlands over the weekend. While he has caused much controversy in the scene over the past number of years for moving away from his hardstyle sound to a more commercial big room style, the legend returned to his roots and writes of the “unforgettable experience” he had at “being welcomed with open arms once more by my hardstyle family at Defqon 1.”

Appearing alongside fellow hardstyle dons Technoboy and The Prophet, Headhunterz said of how after feeling somewhat angry because of comments made by many in the hardstyle scene regarding his departure, at that moment he had nothing but compassion and will never forget where he came from:


I don’t even know where to begin. Every letter that I write here feels like it’s falling short compared to the unforgettable experience of being welcomed with open arms once more by my hardstyle family at Defqon 1. All confusion, all negativity, all judgement and frustration just completely melted and I felt connected to all of you like I have never ever in my life felt connected with people. I realized how hard I normally am on my self and how self criticizing the voice in my head is, but when I heard all you people cheering and finally saw people in the front row breaking down in tears my heart just completely spilled over. I felt so much compassion towards everyone standing there, every single person in the crowd on their search for happiness including myself, a little boy that is now a grown man but deep inside never really grew up. A little boy that sure made a lot of mistakes in his life and still has a lot of insecurities, but has his heart in the right place. That’s me. And I am sure that that is not just my story but the story of many people out there. The love and appreciation that I felt from all of you was overwhelming and is impossible to put into words. It is the kind of love that I wish everyone could feel much more often. A kind of loves that unites people as one. I want you all to know that despite the fact that I have taken a new direction and that it’s important for me to be committed to that, I will never ever forget where I came from. Hardstyle is engraved in the core of my being and I will always carry my beautiful past with me wherever I go, with pride. Thank you Q-dance, the Prophet, Technoboy and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Until we meet again, W

A photo posted by HEADHUNTERZ (@headhunterz) on Jun 27, 2016 at 9:06am PDT