Icarus – Home (feat. AURORA) [Kolsch remix]

Kolsch is one of those names in the dance music industry who should need no introduction. Whether it was his mainstream dance music releases as Rune RK such as the legendary Calabria, his work with NERVO, or in recent years, his more “underground” work as Kolsch, the Dane is always making incredible music, and his latest remix for English band Icarus is no exception.

Known as the king of dreamy, piano house and techno, Rune’s take on the beautiful “Home” is an incredible array of emotional piano progressions, a phenomenal sliding bass line and pounding, electric drums. It takes special talent to create a simple, 4 bar piano progression that can keep the listener entertained for almost 8 minutes, but as usual Kolsch does it with ease.

Taking the breathtaking vocals from the original and subtly placing them at key points in the track, Kolsch keeps the essence of the original while still managing to create practically a brand new track, which isn’t an easy feat when creating a remix. The mesmerising gliding synths which feature later on in the track only act to enhance the beauty and emotion in this record, which further goes to show that Kolsch is the king of creating romantic techno and house that retains so much soul at a time when there is so much soulless dance music out there. One of the best remixes released this year without doubt, this is something special.

You can listen to a stream of Kolsch’s take on “Home” by Icarus below: