Julian Jordan – Rebound

Dutch producer Julian Jordan is truly one of the biggest talents in the business. Kicking off his illustrious career with his early work alongside Martin Garrix, Jordan has since been on a constant rise to stardom with his always exciting and innovative productions. With tracks like “Blinded By The Light” and most recently, “Pilot”, under his massive collection of remarkable releases, Jordan simply continues to showcase his prowess in music production.

Back for another go-around, Jordan recently released a free track titled “Rebound”, which will surely dominate during any upcoming festival in the next few months. With its flurry of heavy synths and guitar riffs, this track brings out an insurmountable amount of energy right off the bat. Following the buildup, the monstrous drop commences and attacks every part of the listener’s ears from start to finish. Overall, its consistent flow of electrifying sounds makes this tune an absolute banger that has the capability of pumping up a crowd of any size.

You can download a copy of “Rebound” here.