Julian Jordan

Julian Jordan teases debut on new label

Julian Jordan has become synonymous with consistency and progression within the industry. Emerging from an unknown talent at 16 years old to a dominant young force in the growing industry.

Long associated with Martin Garrix, his solo original work has also garnered equal success over the years. With tracks like “Blinded By The Light” and “Pilot”, Jordan has continued to showcase his worth and prowess in music production. Coming off the back of releasing “Rebound” three weeks ago, one of the biggest tracks of his career is set to be released.

Having recently kick-started his own label and team after splitting with Spinnin’ Records, GOLDKID Records looks set to be a potentially prolific name. Announcing its first track earlier this week, Julian Jordan’s “A Thousand Miles” signify’s a new chapter. Playing it at EDC Las Vegas last weekend, it received a more than warm reception.

Pairing up with the harmonic voice of Ruby Prophet, Julian’s softer, more radio-friendly side still provides his signature Electro-house sound. Teasing what could be the labels first Art earlier this week, it certainly reflects the distinctive edge Jordan has and the developing excitement for the near future.

Set to be released on 15th July, “A Thousand Miles” is rightfully generating a flurry of anticipation for Julian Jordan’s loyal fan base. Check out the clip below!

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