Lost Frequencies feat. Sandro Cavazza – Beautiful Life

Felix De Laet better known by his stage name Lost Frequencies is a budding artist that appears to be living the dream of any aspiring producer and DJ. The success of multi-platinum hits ‘Are you with me’ and ‘Reality’ have catapulted Felix onto worldwide radio-waves and prestigious events the world over. Although a dream reality for many the phrase ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown‘ still comes to mind. The young Belgian would have had an immense undertaking ahead of him to produce a follow-up that will live up to the incredible success of his previous singles. To the delight of fans the world over, the young prodigy has in fact done it again.

After teasing the track for weeks, the highly anticipated new single from Lost Frequencies has finally hit the internet which will no doubt promptly be followed by radio stations all over the world. ‘Beautiful Life‘ is the first single off his forthcoming debut album and the delicate, sublime tune does not disappoint. The track is a feel-good tropical anthem with elements of sparkling guitar tones, catchy flute melodies, and Sandro Cavazza’s distinct sultry voice. The track’s strength is also in its dreamy amorous lyrics such as ‘Anywhere you wanna go, I’ll follow’ and ‘It’s a beautiful life with you.

‘Beautiful life’ is accompanied by a similarly exquisite music video set in one of the most beautiful locations in the world – the magical island of Ibiza. The video explores the concept of nostalgia and being able to re-live a significant moment from our past. It begins with a voiceover expressing a universally nostalgic sentiment ‘What if? What if we had the ability to re-live a day in our past? To travel backwards in time to feel that special moment again.’  The older gentleman is transported back in time and re-discovers a memorable day from his youth with a long-lost love and friends. Their day is spent driving around the gorgeous island of Ibiza and dancing next to a sunset campfire overlooking the infamous Es Vedra island.

An uplifting and transcendent message about living in the moment wrapped in a magical tune with a reminder that it really is a ‘Beautiful life’.  Grab your copy right here – out now on Armada Music.


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