New music discovery feature added to SoundCloud

Lately, we’ve all been bombarded with endless negative stories about SoundCloud, but alas we’ve got great news about this music platform. Soundcloud will be adding in an algorithmic-based music discovery titled ‘Suggested Tracks’. How it works is simple. It will help users discover and find new music by studying personal taste and making an algorithmic suggestion based on the collected data.

This feature is already in use by other streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and it’s about time that Soundcloud gets on the bandwagon.

The more you use SoundCloud, the more the algorithm learns and perfects itself, day after day” stated SoundCloud of the new feature.

To utilize this new feature find it on the homepage by going to the ‘Discover’ tab. Soundcloud has a massive user library of 125 million tracks it sorts through, to then offer you a curated list of music based on previous listening habits. After which, playlists of all kinds will be presented just by a favorited track off that one platform.

There are countless benefits for the Soundcloud user and it is easy to see. See for yourself by checking out the new feature here.


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