Peter Bjorn and John – Dominos (Galantis Remix)

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Everyone is gearing up for the upcoming summer season, and so is Galantis. The Swedish duo, notoriously famous for their melodic and cheerful compositions, has been on a extraordinary run lately. Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw aka Galantis continue their worldwide #SeaFoxNation takeover by picking Peter Bjorn & Johns’s rhythmic single “Dominos” and transforming it into an outstanding, divine, and catchy dance tune. There is no doubt that this track excites on all fronts. Without offending the original, Galantis manages to flip the song into their own signature flavor ridden sound.

With “Dominos,” Galantis exactly picked up where they left off with their earlier releases and have their signature sound down pat, offering a smooth, flowing house track full of rhythmic drums and emotive melodic lines. Galantis’ rich and full sound design in the mix are really what sets this track apart, and repeat listens will reveal layers upon layers of carefully placed detail for such a deceptively simple track.


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