Swedish talent Erlandsson delivers a stunning progressive gem with “Summer Night”

One of Sweden’s bright, upcoming artists is certainly kicking off his solo career strong with a beautifully produced debut track. Erlandsson, who was part of the duo named Gson & Abley, should definitely gain more recognition with the release of this blissful progressive house tune titled “Summer Night”. Featuring the vocals of singer Kédo Rebelle, this brand new record effectively brings out some uplifting summer vibes that would be suitable for the next few months under the hot, sunny skies.

The track begins with a stunning combination of guitar riffs and piano chords, which catches the listener’s attention right off the bat. Rebelle’s striking vocals then enter and mesh impeccably with Erlandsson’s lovely instrumentals. After the buildup, the vivacious and heartwarming drop commences and sends out a vast amount of energy. Overall, with its heavenly melodies and superb progressive sounds, “Summer Night” is an absolute must-hear tune that will surely be on repeat on many people’s playlists.

The track is out now and you can grab a copy here.