Rihanna – Needed Me (W&W Remix)

W&W may have made their name crafting Big Room hits like “Rave After Rave”, “Bigfoot” or “Thunder”, but if their latest single is any indication, the duo is ready to branch out into more eclectic territory. The Dutch pair have released their take on Rihanna’s “Needed Me”,a remix that proves W&W are more capable than simply crafting one-note bangers.

Perhaps aided by the softer sentimentalism of dance music’s new wave, the track is much different from W&W’s usual output, presenting a faster tempo with a yet uplifting pop-savvy backbone. The track is clearly designed with radio-appeal in mind, but is ultimately more palatable than much of its commercial EDM counterparts. What stands out is Rihanna’s on-point voice on the one side, and a unique and shy, high-pitched and chopped vocal synth in the foreground on the other side, which introduces the main melody right when the drop kicks in and is most responsible for the uplifting and peerlees touch of W&W’s latest gem.

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