Steve Angello’s unreleased track “I Feel At Home” gets ripped off and sold by a producer through iTunes

While it’s hard to not try and emulate your heroes when producing music, it’s something else when you blatantly copy their entire track.

Steve Angello is an inspiration to many, but unfortunately New York based producer Mr.13utta may have taken his inspiration from Mr. Angello a step too far. Taking to his SoundCloud to upload a track entitled “Homme Sweet Homme”, it’s obvious upon listening to the first few seconds that this is just a carbon copy of Steve’s unreleased track “I Feel At Home” which was played during his Ultra 2014 set.

Quite embarrassingly, the producer literally ripped the track from a live stream as you can still hear the noise of the crowd in the background, and added minimal production of his own at certain points in the tune.

The track has been on the producer’s SoundCloud for over a year, and while making remixes or bootlegs isn’t an issue, it’s the fact that the producer has been selling the track on iTunes which is the problem. Clearly annoyed by this, Angello took to Twitter to let us know that legal action will be taken:

You can listen to the track, and Angello’s original below: