Alex Manfuso – Party Starter

Alex Manfuso hails from the quaint and picturesque city of Florence in Italy. But his music requires descriptions at the other end of the adjective spectrum.
Starting at just 15, the young Italian was inspired by Tiesto at the peak of his Trance days. Going on to create music for his local scene, Manfuso is quickly expanding his music’s reach. Having been at the helm of his own Podcast, Alex Manfuso has also put together a killer bootleg of Fedde Le Grand and Funkerman’s collaboration with Shermanology “3 Minutes To Explain” with great proficiency.
Consistently developing his skill set, his latest track “Party Starter” was born out of mistake, rather than intent. However, that doesn’t diminish its impressive effect on the listener. While working on another track, the distinctive ‘scratchy-vinyl’ sound emerged. Driven by the inspiration of its suitability to all time periods of electronic dance music, his time as a DJ certainly shows.
The track itself has already caught the attention of the Groove Cartel, reflecting its infectious atmosphere. Using the vocal riff to great effect with tempo manipulation, the progression see’s a flurry of classic sounds. In turn, bringing a dense nostalgia to the modern style. Better still, with 9 tracks in works, we can expect to see more magic from the emerging Italian.

Grab your copy and stream Alex Manfuso’s “Party Starter” today from here!

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