Alfa Future People take on the elite festivals with their own unique and impressive show

Alpha Future People has begun to have main stages and line ups that rival the industry’s elite festivals. With an enormous amount of resources put into the production and concept, the fusion of technology’s abilities and musical performance still never ceases to impress.

Now entering its third day of the festivities, many in Europe have been distracted by the activity of Tomorrowland. However, the level of attention and intricate detail to the production a a whole of Alpha Future People is impressing thousands across the globe. Need we mention there is paragliding, motocross and football on offer in attendee’s down time!

As featured below, the Russian mega-festival brings with it not just some of the best electronic dance music, but also overall entertainment and art. Seemingly inspired by Cirque Du Soleil, the executed of the high-end concept makes from some eye-opening and thrilling viewing.

Including a marveling introductory sequence, the Main Stage has also hosted a ‘Firestorm’. A beautiful combination of crafty cinematography, pyrotechnics, sequenced lights and lazers, topped with some of Russia’s most talented EDM musicians work, Alpha Future People is something not to miss!

Check out the footage below and let us know how you think it compares to Tomorrowland!

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