Axwell & Dirty South’s “Open Your Heart” turns 8 years old

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If ever there was a label in dance music which encompasses love, it is Axtone. The record label owned by Swedish don and overall legend Axwell is a label which is built upon quality music, heart, love and emotion, and one of it’s greatest ever releases has just turned 8 years old.

The anthemic 2008 hit from the professor himself collaborating with Dirty South and vocalist Rudy may well be Ax’s greatest track ever. While that year in particular was a great year for house music, this stood out as one of the best. A track which sounds exactly how big room house music should sound and as usual from Axwell this was totally unique and still sounds incredibly fresh eight whole years later.

The vocal mix was a monstrous 9-minute symphony with those incredible lyrics from Rudy. The track really kicks in after the first minute and still to this day that phenomenal, euphoric arpeggio synth line sounds like nothing we’ve ever heard before, and as the track quickly builds into an indescribable climax with a drop section which is unique even by today’s standards.

This track screams everything Axtone was built on, and you can really tell how much heart was put into this production from the 3 involved. Of course the track progresses with those unforgettable orchestral stabs in the second half of the track adding even more substance. You know a track is excellent when it can be listened to over and over again, and indeed the only word to describe “Open Your Heart” is timeless.

This is one of those productions that stands amongst the all-time greats, and while it is definitely not Axwell’s biggest track, and may even be considered a hidden gem by fans, we’ve no doubt it’s one of his best and is one of the best house tracks from that unforgettable period of dance music from 2007-2010. So on its eighth anniversary, let’s look back at Axwell, Dirty South and Rudy’s collaboration- “Open Your Heart.”