Dirty South

Dirty South & Evermore’s all time classic “It’s Too Late” celebrates its 10 year anniversary

Dirty South is one of the most respected and creative progressive house DJ’s and Producer’s in the scene. With a rich platter of sound and a wealth of experience, the Australian’s new content is always followed eagerly.

However, rewind 10 years to the day, and his remix of Evermore’s emotive track “It’s Too Late” helped define the infancy of a generations love of electronic dance music. Undoubtedly a childhood classic, it act’s as a definitive piece of evidence of where the growing genre has come from.

One of his masterpiece’s, the¬†alternate version officially, was issued as a single halfway through 2006. Reaching the top 100 in Belgium, France and The Netherlands, the relative unknown from Australia turned heads for all the right reasons. Continuing to emerge onto the European scene, his refreshing sound and intricate layering helped force an addictive reaction to the remix.

Blending seamlessly across a platform of over six minutes, the use of Evermore’s original vocals as a tempo tool also foreshadowed a major trend in future remixes styles. Now responsible for nostalgia as well as uplifting atmosphere’s, Dirty South’s work on “It’s Too Late” is still appreciate by his long-serving fans today.

Relive the iconic track below, and let us know where you think it stands in his portfolio!

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