Highly Sedated – Existence

When the Highly Sedated project on SIZE records was teased a number of weeks ago, fans were expecting big things. After listening to the track a few times, it’s safe to say that the expectations were most certainly met. The dance/rap crossover track features a unique and interesting blend of genres and styles. What many would consider a risky idea by SIZE to release such a production has definitely paid off as the 5 piece band’s effort has worked wonders.

Regarding the tracks, Steve Angello says, “I’m lucky to be involved and I’m excited to be the chosen one, it’s very hard to find a group of friends that’s been through everything together to get here and their only purpose is to bring incredible music and art to the world. This is Highly Sedated.”

A track that has a ballad-like feel to it is something that’s missing in the dance world, and we definitely can’t wait to hear what else the group can conjure up.

“Existence” is now available for purchase here .