Ingrosso’s N1CE popsicles called for ban from grocery stores

Aside from his busy schedule touring around the world with his partner-in-crime Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso also co-founded the company, N1CE, which mainly produces and sells frozen cocktails. Axwell and fellow Swedish producer Alesso co-owns the company as well, and ever since its launch, N1CE has been known for its alcoholic popsicles that were specifically meant for festivals, clubs, or any kind of nightlife.

Despite its original purpose in an adult-only environment, the success of these popsicles immensely grew and thus, their distribution has spread toward numerous grocery stores across Sweden. As a result, the fear of children sparking interest in these products arose, which led to thousands of people in Sweden to sign a petition that calls for a ban of alcoholic popsicles in grocery stores all around the country.

A Swedish organization named IOGT-NTO is the leading opposer of these products and according to its director, Leif Arne Gustavsson:

“It’s a way to market alcohol in many locations, and to make alcohol more clearly the norm by getting it in different contexts. Especially with regards to popsicles, which are something you associate with children”.

A legal loophole also enables N1CE to sell their popsicles as food rather than a beverage, which makes the company claim that they have not done anything wrong. Sweden, however, has always had a strict regulation on alcohol consumption, prohibiting any distribution of drinks with over 3.5 percent of alcohol. In response to this petition that would ban its product, N1CE released a statement that says:

“Because of EU legislation from 2004 there is no statutory age limit for the product, which is unfortunate. Since 2015 we have had a strict age limit of 18 and over for our product. This is also what the Swedish Grocers’ Federation (Svensk Dagligvaruhandel) has pushed for, which we are in favour of”.

At this point, we are still waiting to see where this fight stands whether the popsicles get banned or not, but we will definitely provide any further updates once they arise.