Major Lazer aims to trump “Lean On” with new Justin Bieber collaboration “Cold Water”

With over 85 million followers of Twitter alone, Justin Bieber’s ability to share and market his music is at a recent all time high. Hitting fans on a global scale, Bieber took to his socials where he personally messaged fans about the release of his newest Major Lazer and  collaboration, “Cold Water”. Marking its territory as 2016’s soon to be “Lean On”, the song has already hit #1 in the world.

A single off Major Lazer’s upcoming album release, Music Is The Weapon, said to hit shelves January 2017, “Cold Water” is on its way to Radio domination. Hoping to exceed “Lean On”s over one billion views, Lazer knew the exact musical concoction to turn this hit into a marketing mastermind. Through Twitter, Facebook, and most forms of social media, each person on “Cold Water”s roster has pushed the track and the results are showing. In a matter of three days the song is now #1 on iTunes, and has close to 10 million views on YouTube alone. These statistics only further the question on whether or not it will gain enough momentum to top “Lean On”.

With an electronic arrangement which compliments both Justin Bieber’s iconic sound and MØ’s vocal range, “Cold Water” is the perfect mainstream hit to please the pallette of any listener. The song has a tropical undertone which is heightened by the use of guitar and a plunging bass-line. It’s not only catchy, but has a playful vibe flexible enough to be as well rounded musically, as it is marketed. From start to finish, the song wraps perfectly around Bieber’s swoonful lyrics and Lazer’s winning production skills. An overall depiction of musical expertise, “Cold Water” is a ballad big enough to showcase each artists unique, musical capabilities.

Take a listen to “Cold Water” below and let us hear your feedback.


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