Martin Garrix discusses new album and dream collaboration with Pharrell in recent interview

In a recent interview with news website Obsev, Martin Garrix shared many things regarding his ride throughout his illustrious career. The Dutch megastar was first asked how his incredible journey has been so far at such a young age. He mentions Tiësto as his key inspiration growing up and talks about how his family’s musical background has boosted him toward stardom. In addition, Garrix also provided his fans and any upcoming artist an advice by saying:

“Enjoy, have fun, work hard, and don’t be afraid to do something different than what everybody else does. Because there’s so many producers and DJ’s nowadays… so my biggest advice is, do something unique. Find something that makes you stand out.”

The interview then transitions into a conversation about future collaborators. One particular name Garrix immediately uttered was Pharell, which he described to be his dream collaboration to have. Soon after, Garrix discussed his new, upcoming album, which he said will feature several different types of sounds. He also added that there might be two or three singles that will be dropped prior to the album’s highly anticipated release, likely including his track with Bebe Rexha called “In the Name of Love”.

Lastly, Garrix talked about his secret to his undeniable success. He stated:

“I’m having fun. It doesn’t feel like work. Every day, like this morning I woke up and started working on my laptop on something new. It’s not that I’m forced by my team to go on the studio like ‘Hey! Make music!’ I love making music, and the other reason, I think, which is definitely a big part of success is the team I’m surrounded with. My friends, my family are all very supportive and are there for me.”

You can watch the entire interview below:

Source: Obsev

H/T: YourEDM