Monn – Not Missin U (feat. Dria)

Monn entered the industry relatively unknown, but managed to catapult himself into the spotlights of modern house music and become one of Armada‘s latest illustrious additions. With his first ever release, the anonymous tunesmith found a spin on the buzz surrounding modern sounds and tones that had artists and fans sharpened their ears. Garnering the honors of A-list DJs such as Tiesto, Tommy Trash, Don Diablo, Sam Feldt and many more, Monn already managed to carve his way into many eminent DJ-sets.

Nowadays, the big room market may not be pulling any surprise turns right now, but the same cannot be said of its calmer sensible cousin. Adding to this refined focus is Monn’s debut release “Not Missin U“. Sensitive as the title suggests, “Not Missin U” offers a eclectic mix of casual synths and vocal cuts over Deep House styled drums. During the breakdown, a chopped vocal sample is introduced, adding a twist of retro sound to an otherwise modern atmosphere. The result is a mellow, yet crunchy track that’s pleasing to the ears and perfect for a summertime drive. Monn’s first single is out now on Armada and Atlatic Records UK and available for a quick download.

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam

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