Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero – Ready 2 Rumble

Dutchman Nicky Romero needs no introduction nowadays. Comfortably one of the biggest artist’s within and beyond the European scene, his material is adored worldwide. And while his battle with anxiety is thankfully in the past, his output over the last few years has continuously displayed his musical prowess.

With an earlier portfolio including “I Could Be the One” and “Toulouse”, his work consists of some undeniably astounding tracks. Especially evident with his more recent releases “Harmony” and “Novell”, Romero’s proven consistency has in turn proved why the superlatives and reputations are used.

Carrying the momentum onward into the back half of 2016, the EDM heavyweight has reverted back to his earlier style of musical production. Titled “Ready 2 Rumble”, the preview of this hard-hitting track packed a punch for listeners and audiences for his sets.

The iconic vocal riff initiates proceedings, adjoined with fitting FX, to create a highly energized atmosphere. Followed by a flurry and series of high-octane electro layering’s and heart-pumping bass lines, Nicky Romero uses his toolkit to great effect. Already prominent in the festival scene, you can certainly expected to hear the track in the coming months.

Releasing via Protocol Recordings yesterday, you can grab your copy and stream “Ready 2 Rumble” here!

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