Premiere: Marco V – Energy of Love

Marco V is undeniably one of the most iconic artists within the gargantuan sphere of electronic music. For over a decade, the Dutch producer has consistently been on the top ranks of the industry and has continuously delivered some of the most astounding music out there. With releases like “Simulated” and “Godd” under his discography, Marco V has undoubtedly kept an impressive track record throughout his illustrious career.

Over the years, Marco V has successfully accomplished many things. From traveling across the globe and performing in front of massive crowds to taking part in DJ Mag’s Top 100 for ten consecutive years, he has truly been on a roll in terms of being one of the best DJ’s and producers in the business. Another major feat he had was launching his own label, In Charge Recordings. This imprint recently re-branded and changed its logo, providing a fresh start for the label.

Taking another step further in his ever-evolving career, Marco V presented his return to his beloved “V-ision Sound” alongside his current sound with a concept he is calling ‘Timelapse’. This brand new direction begins with his newest track titled “Energy of Love”, which effectively showcases the Dutch maestro’s signature tech-trance style.

Right off the bat, this record sends out an immense amount of energy by bringing a flurry of up-tempo beats and groovy basslines. After the high-octane introduction, a stunning melodic sequence then follows and builds up toward the concluding drop. Overall, with its impeccable mixture of trance and tech house elements and its high-quality production level, this track simply solidifies what Marco V is capable of creating and will surely light up any nightclub or festival in the next couple of months.

“Energy of Love” is out now on In Charge Recordings and you can download a copy here.