Pumzia – Goa

Tom Vriezen is an up-and-coming talent from The Netherlands whose future is certainly looking bright. Better known as Pumzia, this Dutch producer took center stage with a stunning tropical house remix of Pablo Nouvelle’s “I Will”. The track has caught the attention of many listeners around the world, which has also given Pumzia the momentum he needs for his rise toward greater prominence. Keeping this hot streak alive, he recently released a unique new record titled “Goa”.

Featuring some tribal beats and Indian-inspired sounds, this track delivers an astonishing auditory experience from start to finish. The mind-boggling melodies and progressions truly make this tune an absolute standout, which effectively showcase the Pumzia’s capabilities of producing such high-quality content as well. Overall, with its lovely deep house elements and rejuvenating vibes, this release is a must-hear track and you can download a free copy here.