Axwell Λ Ingrosso discuss roots from Ibiza and future plans in interview

While in the midst of their residency at Ushuaïa, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso drove around Ibiza with BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard and talked about their history within the world-famous party island. The two Swedish legends discussed their roots from Ibiza and what the place has meant to them throughout their respective careers. Speaking out about the people who reside on the island, Axwell said:

“You know what’s nice about Ibiza, in general, is that they’re really welcome. They’re really warm and happy.”

Prior to forming Swedish House Mafia, Axwell and Ingrosso were both on the rise as individual DJ’s and during this period of time, every artist dreamt of performing in Ibiza someday. Talking about the importance of playing in Ibiza, Ingrosso stated:

“For me, as a young kid, there were always talks about Ibiza, Erick Morrillo, Fatboy Slim. This was like the mecca back in the days when you were playing new records and stuff like that so we’ve always wanted to come here, play, and listen to new music.”

Discussing their beginnings as solo artists before Swedish House Mafia, Axwell also mentioned:

“I think this is one of the places where we kind of started to play together. We got our first night here together at Pacha… and that was when we created our following. Some of the magic was created here for sure. We did a lot of groundwork here and created loyal supporters.”

Axwell also added that the reason why Ingrosso and himself are still in Ibiza is a center of dance music fans from all corners of the world. They feel the passion and love from these supporters and thus, fueling them to perform on this island even over a decade since their first performance.

Moving toward the end of the interview, Howard asked the duo how the felt about the direction of dance music over the years. Ingrosso responded:

“What I’m looking forward to is more of the vocal house, positive vibes, good melodies, great chords, uplifting, hands-in-the-air, like back in the days in the UK and stuff like that. And also, I think that people should see all of these types of music as one type of music.”

Lastly, discussing about their future plans for this year, specifically about their upcoming releases, Ingrosso stated:

“We actually have some music that we’ve been working on and so we are very excited to go back to our studio that we live in.”

You can check out the full interview below: