Deadmau5 provides advice vlog for aspiring artists

Deadmau5 and his studio productivity, as well as set performances, have provided his fans and electornic music followers with a wealth of sumptious offerings over the past few months.

Still in the build up to his next album, his released tracks, such as “Saved” most recently, reflect the perfectionist and artist within him. Coveted for his work, both solo, in collaboration, and through his label Mau5trap, his influence on the scene is signifcant. And largely positive, even with the social media quarrals.

Recently unearthed from the depths of YouTube is a video ripped from a live stream by Joel Zimmerman himself. Seemingly from earlier this year, he shares personal details from his life to date and the experiences that have shaped his career path, and life’s outlook to date.

Highlighting his appreciation and value of personal internation, he goes on to provide a flurry of advice for aspiring and emerging producers. Mentioning his documented encounter with a young and anonymous Skrillex from many years ago, his casual tone, word choice and body language can mask the expertise being spoken during the 30 minutes if not attentively listen to.

With his sature humour also intact throughout, the most promient example is when he mentions his time working at a peach and pear cannery many years ago, going on to say in true Deadmau5 fashion:

“I don’t wish that on f**king Garrix”

Check out the vlog in full in the clip below!

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