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Don Diablo reveals upcoming Oliver Heldens collab in exclusive interview

Don Diablo has been steadily rising in the music ranks to become a household name on festival line-ups and electronic music charts the world over. The Dutch powerhouse started his Hexagon label and show and shows no sign of stopping on his way right to the top. His rise to fame is evidenced by the fact that he was the highest climber in the DJ Mag ranks last year – the power player jumped an incredible 52 positions.

We Rave You recently caught up with the man himself where he opened up about his Hexagon family and upcoming plans for this year. To our delight, Don revealed one very special surprise when we mentioned his video collaborations with Dutch future house prodigy Oliver Heldens.

“About the videos – we just wanted to support each other because I think Oli should be high on that list and he thinks I should be there as well so we decided to make videos about each other. In terms of a collaboration …. yes I mean, we were talking about it but we wanna make the best song ever so that’s a lot of pressure. We’ve got a couple ideas together but neither me nor Oli is 100% sure about any of them so we are still working on that. I hope it’s coming out this year, but we want it to be super special!”


With festival season in full swing Don is one of the busiest music stars in the business with a heavy tour schedule. It seems as though the lifestyle doesn’t leave much time for other aspects of life.

” I have sacrificed my life for music already. 2 or 3 years ago I had the major breakthrough and I knew it, and right now I am rolling down the mountain and can’t stop.”

Hexagon has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity and the label boss is pleased with the progress of the young label.

“It’s really good actually. Artists are having millions and millions of streams on Spotify which I am really excited about. We have a thing called “Generation Hex“ which is supporting a new generation of up-and-coming talents and that’s like a step up for big releases because we do the “Generation Hex EP“ with these guys.”


With the phenomenal results of last year’s DJ Mag and the incredible support of his fans, Don is humbled by the whole experience.

“I wasn’t expecting that, it’s crazy. You can say what you want about the list, but for me it means there are lots of fans supporting me with their voting. Thanks for voting guys! For some DJ’s they say it doesn’t matter but I always had a dream to climb in whatever list or to be good at something in my life and I have worked my ass for that every day to get recognition from you guys.”

Social media is an integral part of any DJ’s connection to their fans and we asked Don to weigh in on whether he follows his social media and its success.

“Every day! It is part of my life and I am behind them. When you see some weird post, it’s me writing from my phone – I want it to be personal and on point as well. I have so many reactions always. With every record doing really well and over 100 millions of views on Youtube last year – it’s insane.”

So how does a superstar DJ prepare for a headlining show? Don keeps it simple:

“Let’s say there isn’t a huge preparation. I know what I want to play but I’m still trying to surprise myself with one or two new records for each show. The reason is simple – I would get bored if I spin all the same stuff at every single show.”

Get a taste of Don’s tour life below and watch out for that massive upcoming collaboration with Mr Heldens.


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