Electric Daisy Carnival & Insomniac Events announce EDC India plans

Having already had it’s eyes on the Sub-continent for a while ever since Insomniac Founder and the man behind the EDC concept, Pasquale Rotella talked about it on CNBC, Electric Daisy Carnival has officially announced that it will be bringing the festival to India this winter. As the leaves turn orange, it’s also heartwarming for Indian EDM fans to see that it is them that the international music community such as EDC are looking at for being the next market. Having proved to be a healthy ground for the music already, Rotella and the Insomniac Events team are packing the punch by bringing the live performances that the country is in need of.

Rotella is combining with Only Much Louder head Vijay Nair whose Tweet below is a sure confirmation of the event:


Rotella’s own words couldn’t have expressed the excitement that the Insomniac team carry with them in regard to their new project

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the country’s colorful and exotic culture…I know it’s a place where the magic of EDC can come alive in a truly unique way.”

The festival is set to bring the show to the country capital New Delhi in the second week of November, promising some of the biggest international as well as domestic talents that need the stage to establish EDC concretely in the subcontinent. Since this edition is the first for any such International level festival, it is sure to attract crowd in large numbers. Same can be said for the choice of headliners, whose announcement is being eagerly awaited by fans all around the country as ravers across plan to make this their first major festival experience.

To get on to the iconic event’s first edition on the 12th and 13th of November in New Delhi, feel free to Sign yourself up here!

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