We Rave You 500K Fans Mix – Presented By KSHMR

It comes as an absolute honor to have reached the 500,000 fan milestone on our official We Rave You Facebook page. To show our gratitude, we’ve teamed up with one of our absolute favorites, none other than KSHMR himself, for an exclusive guest-mix that’s guaranteed to make you move.

KSHMR‘s rise since the first half of 2015 has been a little more than a roller coaster ride. With the release of ‘Secrets‘ along with Tiesto, the latter then revealing him at the Ultra Mainstage that very year, and now having had a collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike premiered at Tomorrowland Mainstage, it would be apt to say that KSHMR has never been too far away from major festivals even though he started performing behind decks in September last year. Due to this, nothing stops us from saying that KSHMR is one of We Rave You‘s favorites from the current range of taste-makers.

And that brings us to our own journey. We Rave You was started with the idea to share music through the Facebook page with a closely knit community, brought together by the love for Dance Music. We Rave You‘s rise embodies in essence the love for exploring new music and to bringing more attention to the music that we all love. Be it in personal tastes, current chart-toppers or the most famous tracks of different ages, what keeps the community together is the inherent potential of music to unlock the ‘oneness’ in all of us.

And we believe that is where the stories of KSHMR and We Rave You coincide – to form a community around the music that we cherish so much. KSHMR‘s knack for hitting the nail on it’s head with one track after another, all the while bringing his own culture forward – be it performing in Indian ethnic wear or using classic Indian music. In our times, it can be said KSHMR was the revival that Mainstream music had longed for in the past few years. We Rave You attempts to do the same by providing a platform where being known or famous is not a factor but it is the quality and talent that take their place on the top rung – a musical meritocracy.

So as we are overjoyed to have KSHMR provide us with an exclusive 30-minute mix, featuring some of his famous and latest tracks, join us in making the We Rave You community even larger, better and most importantly – make it yours, a place where you belong!

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