KSHMR drops entire Stem package from his EP

KSHMR is known, respected and adored worldwide. Not only for his studio production and glittering set’s, but also his contribution back to the scene.

Continuing to lend a helping hand to the massive pool of passion and talent, his consistent releases of samples, stems and production tips are supporting the next generations of names. After the massive generosity of his ‘KSHMR Vol.2‘ sample package – including over 1500 samples that were fully processed and keyed – his latest act was unexpected given the close time frame.

Providing a nearly 150 gigabyte file, KSHMR has given the completed stems of his reputed EP, ‘The Lion Across The Field’. Done for it to be remixed, sampled or learned from, the latest act from the DJ/Producer has attracted nearly 10,000 likes on Facebook in under 24 hours. Which speaks for itself.

Not only a talented musician and taste maker, KSHMR’s human touch and appreciation to the scene in general is what sets him apart from so many other title names in the industry. And with that in mind, comes one of the more poignant perspective’s in the dance music industry – You get what you give. Something that applies to KSHMR’s ascendancy to the top of the charts and our hearts.

Available for download today, the complete Stems for ‘A Lion Across The Field’ is all yours!

Expat living in New Zealand with a keen ear for the pure form of progressive house and a passion for the electronic scene in general. Fingers crossed you like this site as much as me!

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