Kygo talks about his brand new clothing line and how he was inspired by Kanye West

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll or Kygo as well all know him is on a continual rise to the top. The tropical house prodigy has been repeatedly breaking records and hitting those crucial milestones; whether it be through his massive releases or performing at a variety of venues not limited to festivals. The Norwegian recently sat down with the guys at Billboard for an exclusive interview where he talks about his latest endeavour, a Kygo clothing line.

“I didn’t want to wear anything that I was selling if it had big logos, I didn’t think it was cool for me to walk around with a huge Kygo logo on myself.” says the 24 year old.

Kyrre is on a mission to to provide unique clothing options for not only his fans, but himself as well. Kygo Life and Kygo Vibe were the result of that endeavour. The youngster also talked about his influences and apparently Kanye’s Yeezy collection had a little hand in the development process.

“I don’t really know too many designers. I like a lot of what Kanye West has does with Yeezy, but I think it’s a bit too, how you say, elevated; it’s a little bit too special. Like he’s trying to make something that’s kind of a little bit too cool sometimes. I find some inspiration in what they’re doing, but I want to make Kygo Life more accessible to regular people on the street.”

Kygo’s new line won’t be following the same suit as what Kanye’s Yeezy imprint, we can instead expect to see something a little more toned down and designed for ‘everyday’ people.

The line won’t be exclusive to fashion, of course, the music has to find it’s way into the mix and design elements as well. The line will also include headphones!

“One of my T-shirts has a piano-inspired design on the front, another one has my album cover on the back, and then, of course, we’ve created headphones. That process has been incredibly involved because we keep adjusting the sound so it’s perfect. We’ve done a lot of samples on the headphones and have been sending notes back like, “Make the bass a little bit lower.” Small adjustments like that.”

If you’re looking for a wardrobe upgrade, Kygo Life is your best bet. Browse through and purchase your picks here.

Full Interview/Source: Billboard